September 7th:

Good message for those with MS


September 2nd:

MS fitness class helps with symptoms and patients moral


September 1st:

Advanced sportwears for those with MS

Man with MS to play in golf tournament

How to tell your parents you have MS


August 27th:

-Device helps woman with MS

Computer games to help MS patients

Woman with MS bikes across Vietnam to raise money for charity


August 26th:

Different MS commercials around the world


August 24th:

Man with MS’s dog provides support for him and other patients


August 22nd:

Friends of woman with MS try to raise money to help her

1st person with MS who climbed Mt. Everest begins speaking tour


August 21st:

Charles starts podcast due to lack of media coverage about MS


August 20th:

Teenage girl’s fight with MS: teenage girl and her mother’s fight to raise awareness for young people with MS


August 19th:

Man’s dog helps with his MS


August 18th:

2 guys explain their MS to friends through videos

Device for movement disorder patients helps MS patient move


August 17th:

Being active helps MS patient

MS patients who smoke show more brain atrophy and more lesions than nonsmokers who have MS


August 15th:

MS patient’s family and friends bike to raise money to help those with MS


August 14th:

Man writes to help him cope with his MS


August 13th:

Workout program for MS patients


August 12th:

“Best Bet Diet” for MS

Woman climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for cure for MS

Woman skydives to raise money for MS


August 10th:

Woman raises close to $400,000 for multiple sclerosis research

Son helps mom with MS

Video games help MS patients with their cognitive skills


August 9th:

Citizens with MS living in Wabash Valley raise MS awareness


August 8th:

Bike for MS in Northern California


August 7th:

Man copes with MS by creating humorous site


August 6th:

Man with MS still pursues passion of high speed boat racing

Golf tournament raises $70000 for MS

Oregon Health and Science University launching study about whether low-fat diets help MS patients

August 5th:

Author Stephen White talks about his MS

August 4th:

Children put on “High School Musical” play to raise money for MS

August 3rd:

Girls swim Lake Ontario to raise more than $50,000 for MS research (see July 20th & 22nd news posts)

August 2nd:

Bikers raise $12,000 for MS

Motorcyclists raise $36,000 for MS

Woman living with MS bikes to raise money and awareness for MS

August 1st:

Man walks from Maine to California to raise awareness and money for MS

July 31st:

Man with MS remains active despite battling MS for 25 years

Man with MS writes poem for disabled child

Man who cares for mother with MS featured on “Random Acts of Kindness” series finale

July 30th:

Katie’s positive attitude about her MS

Man with MS sledges through cold temperatures to raise money for MS

July 29th:

Mrs. New Jersey 2009’s battle with MS and how she is raising awareness about it

Woman rides to raise money for MS in memory of friend

Paws for a Cause – Man connects MS patients with community pets

July 28th:

Man with MS keeps on drumming and has a positive attitude about his life with MS

July 27th:

Famous people who have MS

Cross country bicycle tour raises money and awareness for MS

July 24th:

Online computer games that help MS patients

Students who deal with MS get scholarships for essays

July 23rd:

Friends of mom with MS raise money for her

Cyclist raises over $100,000 for MS by biking for 18 1/2 years for MS

Friends hike for MS research in honor of family members with MS

July 22nd:

Biking to raise MS awareness

Another article about the young girls swimming to raise MS awareness  (see July 20th article)

Possibly harmful MS remedies

July 21st:

Man’s positive attitude about his MS

July 20th:

MS patient runs marathons

Device that helps MS patients walk

Teen bikes across country to raise awareness of MS

Women wins Wisconsin Women’s State Golf Association Stroke Play Championship despite battle with MS

Osmonds talk about their experiences with MS

Girls swim for family members with MS

July 17th:

Woman with MS climbs Mt. Everest

Man with MS wins recognition for his paintings

July 16th:

Girl reads two books a day to raise money for MS

College students swim English Channel to raise money for MS

July 15th:

The symptoms of MS

July 14th:

Smoking found to have a more rapid progession of disease symptoms for MS patients

Man bicycles and sings across US to raise awareness about MS

July 11th:

New diet that helps with MS symptoms

Mom teaches others about MS

July 9th:

Effects of Multiple Sclerosis on Family