Charles, an adult who has battle MS since he was 16, started a podcast, MSB Podcast, as a way to raising awareness about MS for youth. Since the start of his podcast in 2006, Charles has done almost 400 shows. He also studied media relations in college in order to deepen his understanding of where the media corporations were, what happened to people and how, and how to position himself and MSB Podcast in order to help MS patients. He wants to help all handicapped people by giving them a voice which is, sadly, never heard in the media.

He says that the creation of MSB Podcast has helped him deal with his MS instead of trying to “bury it in his past.” Before creating the podcast he said that he was in denial about his MS. He used to dance, play the guitar, and go on hikes and he thought that due to the several attacks that he has had due to his MS, the third of which left him walking on a cane, he would never do any of that again. Now he has learned to deal with the situation and learned to live his life with MS.

His advice to young MS patients is to “deal with the situation and your life will be better”. He says that they should especially watch what they eat by staying away from processed foods and genetically modified crops and eating healthy – such as organtic vegetables, meats from properly raised animals, free range fowl, and fish from rivers and oceans.