Jeff, a 36-year-old local TV commercial producer from Louisville, Kentucky, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on January 22nd, 2009. Although the last 8 months have been hard for him, he still has a positive outlook on his life with the disease.

Jeff started showing the symptoms of MS in late December of 2008. He was walking like he was drunk – staggering, stumbling, and falling over when he tried to walk. He was scared about these symptoms, so he decided to go to the doctor. 

After several weeks of tests, including an M.R.I. test of his brain, a spinal tap, and electrodes tests, and worrying about what could possibly be wrong with him, Jeff learned that he had Relapsing/Remitting MS.

He then had to figure out a treatment plan with his neurologist. He started on solumedrol, which is a high dose of steroids, for 3 days. He has since then had 2 more steroid IV treatments to help with his day to day symptoms. He also has been on Betaseron shots every other day. 

Jeff says that everyday he feels his MS – whether it is a tingling sensation in one of his limbs, a cold sensation on the right side of his face, or his left foot feeling like it’s asleep for hours. Since he has Relapsing/Remitting MS, he has minor symptoms for extended periods of time and occasionally he will have a flare up which will affect him for a few weeks.

He advises newly diagnosed MS patients that being diagnosed is not the end of world. He does advise them to educate themselves about MS. 

He also says that the newly diagnosed should slow down and don’t overdo anything, but he still says that they have fun. 

His fight with the disease has inspired him to create a blog, one that has received over 2,300 hits since he started it: He says that blogging has been very therapeutic for him, and encourages other MS patients to read positive MS blogs or blog themselves. 

He encourages those who have questions or want more advice to e-mail him at