Ken, who is going to start college this spring, sees his father as a “true hero” in his eyes. This is due to the fact that Ken’s father has Multiple Sclerosis, yet still continues to work hard and provide for his family.


His father has been a hard worker all his life – from helping to build homes and run his father’s warehousing business (which entailed doing heavy labor) as a teen while starting every game on his high school football team, to graduating from college with a 4.0.  He also ran a trucking business for years.

In his free time, Ken’s father enjoyed parachuting and deep sea diving. He also held a pilot’s license.
In 2000, he fell through a pier and broke his tail bone, herniating two discs. He had a spinal fusion that same year, and was diagnosed with MS. Since then, he has continued to work doing hard labor. He currently works as a driver for a company, often working long hours.
Ken says that his father often has had trouble finding jobs due to the fact that most employers will “shoo him away if they know he has MS.” His father also is in pain a lot due to his MS. Some day he cannot walk, and he has lost some vision. He also used to get fevers from some of the medication that he would have to take. Ken said that through all of this, his father still went to work to earn money for his family.
Although his father has had a hard life, he is strong-willed about his MS. According to Ken, his father “has never let anything bring him down in life.” Ken also states, “My dad really has no fear. I’ve seen him lift 500 pound containers by hand at work.”  
Ken’s father is an inspiration. His strength in the face of a difficult and life-changing disease like MS is truly amazing.